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I must Flea... but how?

dahling and I have made it our mission to make it to the Fetish Fair Fleamarket this year. She must see friends and demonstrate that despite popular belief, I have not killed her or brainwashed her to become my little slave (oh but what a wonderful fantasy... the second part that is... you perv.)

BUT! We have a problem. We have no lodging... the host hotel is completely sold out (and has been since practically the last Flea.) The "overflow" hotel is equally expensive while probably being much less attractive, and is 3.5 miles away. So, yah, we could do that... but do we want to?

SO! The point. Yes, we finally get past my longwindedness and actually come to some sort of conclusive result of this rambly post that still insists on going on and on and on and on....

THUS! If you have actually made it this far (you deserve a medal, really...) Are you going to the Flea? Do you want to host us two vagabonds who will flirt and play and shop and work their way through the Flea, yet still be charming guests who will make you smile and laugh and feel full of glee? Do have recommendations for lodging that are owned by people who won't take one look at us and laugh while locking the front door? Or do you just want to laugh in our faces and say ha ha ha I have a hotel room and you don't, losers?

AND! this is the end.

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