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Cruising on the Upper West Side

On the train ride home from a fabulous museum exhibit opening, I had the fortune to experience a rare event.

I was cruised. Quite adorably, I might add. Person sitting across from me, smiling and staring right at me. I would make eye contact, and they would blush and turn away, smiling even more. And then they would turn and stare at me some more. I kept up my smiles, direct eye contact, noting how cute they were. Then my stop came, and I stood up, made sure to keep smiling at the person. I got off the train, and stared back, and so were they, smiling even more.

I wish I had the balls to wave at the person to get off the train. I had the fantasy of kissing them deeply, without any words, and then just walking away.

Oh, one important detail - it was a girl.

I have never been cruised by a girl who didn't know me in such a public environment.

It was amazingly cool.

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