Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Revving my engines

March is question month!

Question #2) I know a thing or two about your inclinations, but what tends to turn you on right now? This week, this month, what really gets you going?

Ah, sexuality, that wonderfully fluid thing. You're absolutely right to ask this, as my tastes tend to go in patterns. Sometimes, I'll be in a kick for certain things, and then my tastes will change for a while.

So, right now... hmmm...

SM-wise, I've been enjoying my floggers again. Recently I got to enjoy having several flogging bottoms in town, and I really had fun with that. There actually isn't many people I can truly let loose with my floggers on, so the chance to do that is always exciting.

I've also been into bondage, strangely enough. I seem to have fallen into a most unfortunate hobby - handcuff collecting. I recently had a visitor pan her gaze over all the assorted handcuffs visible in my "living room," and she remarked that I had far too many. I sheepishly responded that it was barely a third of my collection. So, I've been enjoying using them (although, dahling would certainly protest that I don't use them enough to justify the sheer quantity I own.)

I've also been bottoming to bondage more, as of late. I have all these grand bondage toys - hoods, handcuffs, leg irons, a spandex sleepsack, an amazing straight jacket. And yet, I barely ever used them. My realization was that for many of these items, I didn't want to use them on other people - I wanted them used on me!!! So, I have. And it has been wonderful.

Sexually, I have been in a constant hunger for closeness. Skin contact, touch, kisses and licks... sensuality. And to balance that out, hardcore violent fucking. Hair pulling, choking, nasty schtuff. Yum.

You too can ask me a question here.

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