Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

March questions brings answers.

Thank you everyone for giving me food for thought with your questions. I'm enjoying getting back to journaling again. Some of you are asking really tough one's.


Question #3 - What is the Big Thing that you find yourself thinking about/working on in your life at the moment?

My mind is very active thinking about this coming November. My lease for my apartment will be up, and I am considering upgrading to a one-bedroom apartment. Moving causes me all sorts of anxiety - it's a dreadful process. Finding something I like in the neighborhood I love and being able to afford it is a tough, tough combination to find. With the recent raise I received at work, I can finally really afford the apartment I am living in now. I expect that come November I will be back to paying more than I really should for a place to live.

I'd move out of NYC in a heartbeat if it wasn't for my family. My obligations there are just too strong though.

I suppose the other big thing is my father's health. I think that has been given lots of space here in my journal.

Both of these are things I don't want to think about, but I have to.

Write your own question to me here. March is question month.

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