Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Has anyone seen my brain?

No... seriously folks... have you seen my brain? Because I am currentely missing it... can't find it anywhere. My head is so scattershot... I feel like I'm sleeping, really. As if still in a dream, not waking up at all.

This really sucks, because I actually have a LOT of work to do. But, when I try to think of the next step, I drift off into neverland... next thing I know I'm on the web doing absolutely nothing.

There is a lot in my head right now. I have a whole lot of stuff that needs to get done in the short-term... work, go home, get car, make copies of handouts, go to work, pack, clean, drive to Boston. I'm so glad I'm not scheduled to do anything on Friday night, because... I don't think I could maintain commitments right now for that short a time away.

Then there is is the future. A lot of BIG stuff planning happening. If certain big things really happen, it would be UBER cool. But, its gonna be a lot of work. A whole lot of work. I want... no... I need to make this work. This is something I've been thinking about, and I know others have as well, for a long, long time. Years. Now... for it to just happen...

Argh. Too much stuff. And I still have no brain. No brain. Excuse me, have you seen my brain?

My brain... its detachable you know...

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