Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

More Questions. More Answers.

Here I give to you the 5th installment of questions. This time, I was asked 5 questions in a row. So, here we go:

5a) What's your biggest pet peeve about the leather community?

Right now, titles. There are just too many of them! What was once a lovely way to promote bars and give the stage to a few lucky winners has become a burdensome machine that is breaking down. There are too many on the national circuit, and the meanings behind them are beginning to get lost due to the sheer quantity of them.

5b) Favorite kinky website?

I suppose I should put in a vote for and because they are two of my favorite groups. Aside from that, I love that there is actual content there, and it is one of my favorite institutions.

5c) CD/MP3/music you're listening to a lot this week?

Actually, none. I haven't been listening to much music lately except for background flavor. Just iTunes on random or

5d) We are alone in my dungeon for 4 hours. What one thing do you want me to do to you? {grin}

Hate to be blunt here, but I wouldn't want you to do anything. I don't know you at all, and I only play with people who I feel a strong connection to. I used to do the whole anonymous sex trip years upon years ago, and grew tired of it. Luckily, I escaped that period of my life unscathed, and now I am much more selective on who I play with.

That, and I bottom to VERY few people. Even less then I have fingers on my right hand (or my left... take your pick.) I am much more apt to top someone that I don't know well then bottom. If I don't know you, I'm not bottoming to you.

5e) Anne Rice. Good writer or hack?

I liked her early stuff. Not too crazy about her since she found Jesus. But I appreciated reading stories about vampires being the good guys... or at least the guys you rooted for. And the Beauty series was among my first SM jerk-off books.

You too can ask me a question here.

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