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Question #6

It's time for another one.

#6) How did you get started teaching in the scene outside of our little corner of it?

Editor's note: By "our" I believe the question refers to TES.

Like most things that happened to me 10-11 years ago, I really don't remember! *laughing* Well, let's see if we can piece it together.

When I first came out to TES, one of the things that I was definitely sure of was my foot fetish. I guess I became known for it, and lolitasir pushed me to teach on the topic. Now, that must have been a year or two in to my being at TES... I think.

My class had lolitasir as a bottom, which was quite the hoot. It was the elementary version of today's foot torture class that I teach, and it went remarkably well for a 1st time out of the gate. Lolita was howling, Big Bruce and high4tower were holding her legs down so that she didn't kick me in the face... much fun.

Later I did another foot fetish gig, this time for the Dominant Men/submissive women SIG at TES. For this go-around I organized a panel discussion. flaggestate was on that panel, talking about his love of getting his boots done. Master Jim (talking about his love to get his feet massaged, and the shamanic elements therein) and Daddy David 1 (yes, there was a Daddy David at TES before sir_lone_wolf took up the mantle) talking about his love for uber-dirty soles.

After that, my next class must have been at Black Rose. I think it was BR98. I sat on a panel on being young in the scene - it was me, high4tower, pervgrrl  and... er... someone else. Shit, I need to pull out that program book - sorry to anyone I might have offended through my lack of memory. It went really well, and helped set the stage for the upcoming TNG revolution.

Now, where I went from there is all a blur. I know I kept teaching foot play, and somewhere along the line I picked up teaching flogging. I also found myself sitting on a lot of panels, about a myriad of topics. When not teaching, I was demo bottoming a whole lot - my first two years at TES found me almost exclusively bottoming.

I taught mostly at TES, and then a return to Black Rose was my first big event foray. I then extended a bit to NJ, up to Boston, and here I am today.

I owe it all to lolitasir. I thought she was absolutely out of her mind when she first had me teach at TES. I never believed for a second I had anything to offer. Just one of the myriad of things she helped create in me.

It's funny, at work, my boss once asked me how I learned to present so well. I told him he really didn't want to hear the answer to that question.

March is Question Me On Anything Month. You too can ask me a question here.

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