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More letters.

Dear Winter,

Oh, how to put this in words. When my relationship with Fall was ending, we met. And despite you not fitting into my usual "type" when it comes to relationships, my love affair with Fall had gone too long, and I was ready for a change. I thought you just might be the ticket to new experiences and joys.

Yes, I did daly with Fall a bit more in January, but... she was dressed so nicely! I'm sorry for my weakness there. I learned the error of my ways,  finally ditching Fall for good, and threw my hat in with you.

And we did have fun times. I admit that. You encouraged me to wear outfits I would have never worn in the winter. We held hands as we gazed at all the pretty holiday lights, and we laughed delightfully as you blanketed the city in pure whiteness, while we went indoors and did things that were anything but pure. You plied my legs open with wonderful scents and tastes - hot chocolate, buttered rum, hearty stews and chilis. Yes, I enjoyed our affair with great relish.

But, I am a fickle lover. And it is time for me to end this time together. You must have known that you were nothing more than a rebound! I can never resist the pulls from Spring and Fall, those twin lovers of mine. And Spring is coming back, trying once again to pull me into his bed. And I am so eager to suck Spring's emerging fruits.

Please Winter. Understand it would have never worked between us. I see you are angry, and I see you are hesistant to let go. But you must. I just don't love you... I never have. You were a great fling, but it is Spring that I am enthralled with.

I'm sorry.

With care and affection,

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