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Question #8: What's in a name?

Two different people asked me the same question, one coming from a surprising source (but I'm glad you asked.) So, the question(s):

8a) Why use the nickname boymeat? Did you come up with it or what it given to you? Is there a story behind it? Have there been others?

8b) Why do you use the name boymeat? where does it come from? And why have you not changed it since you have changed?

The short version is, at first, I didn't choose the name. It was chosen for me. I ran with it because... well... why not?

This is one of my most told tales here in NYC, so I will spare a lot of you by making it a little easier. I wrote the beginning of the story a long long time ago here. The last paragraph isn't germaine to this tale... you can skip that. So, if you're really interested, click on that link and read that first.

The remainder of this story, which many have heard, is behind the cut.

Half a score and a year ago...Collapse )

Now, why did I keep it? Good question. At first, I really didn't think I had a choice. All my friends had so much fun with it, combined with lolitasir's perverse joy in humiliating me, made it a moot point. Later, I found some benefits in having the nickname. For one, there was more than one Phil around TES around that time, and I didn't mind distancing myself from the other one (in fact, I prefered it.) Also, Phil was a very unmemorable name - Boymeat kind of stuck with a person.

Later, as I shifted to become much more of a top, I began to enjoy the mindfuck my name gave people. Let's face it, Boymeat is not a frightening name. In fact, it led most people to assume that I was a bottom... that combined with my youth. Presenting myself as a top with that name caused many people to go "Er?" People who were able to see past that, or get the joke, became much more attractive to me.

Today? I use it because it is known. Friends know me as Phil... very few people recognize me at Phil Wolf... and an even smaller number know me by my real last name (though a few gay men in the scene seem to always want to change that.) I have thought about coming fully out with my full name, but then my recognizability diminishes. I dunno if it is worth it.

I also laugh over the prospect of being 80 years old and still called Boymeat.

So, I don't mind the name Boymeat. It is memorable, and it is a part of me. But I also sign my e-mails as Phil.

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