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I'm on a Mexican... radio!

*jumping up and down*

I'm gonna be on the radio! Live radio! Wow!

The uber-talented and amazing duckydoo will be co-hosting the Derek & Romain Show on Sirius Satellite Radio's Out Q 106 station, filling in for Derek. The show runs from 6 PM until 10 PM EST. Her announcement about the show is here.

duckydoo has invited me to come on air to talk about feet! I guess my foot fetish is well-known enough to warrant airtime. For a few hours, I stared at the invitation, sweating. It really started to make me freak out! And I figured, if I was this freaked out, I have to do it. Challenge them fears, right?

Our segment should be from around 8:20 PM to 9:00 PM EST.

If you're not a Sirius subscriber, you too can listen in online by signing up for a free 3-day trial period. There is even a call-in number to ask questions - 866-305-6887.

Aieee!!! Radio!!!

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