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Searching for the third bear.

Goldilocks-zen. That is the knowledge I am trying to seek.

Sunday night, I couldn't sleep. Was awake until 5 AM, woke up at 9, called in sick, and slept until 11 AM. It was not a good day.

Monday night I recovered, fell asleep at 11 PM, woke up nicely.

Tuesday night, I couldn't sleep again. Was awake until 4:30 AM, woke up and went to work anyway.

Last night, I feel asleep nicely. Unfortunately, I slept too long, and woke up at 9:30 AM this morning.

Sunday and Tuesday, one can say the bed was too hard. This morning, the bed was too soft. Monday it was just right.

I will strive to be like Goldilocks, and always look for that just right bed and bowl of porridge.

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