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Second Frolicon post.

On Saturday night, I had an amazing and intense scene with mistresslego. Afterwards, we desperately wanted to commerorate the occassion with a photo of the ensuing marks (cuts? open wounds? bloodletting?)

We ran off to the main con lobby, and found a photographer friend of hers. While she posed this way and that for the man clicking away, the security director, Fingerman, caught site of mistresslego's lovely back. Immediately he waved over the medic volunteers. Frantically, they run over and are about to jump in, when I finally notice the flurry of activity behind me.

Me - Whoah! Fingerman, it's alright.

Fingerman - Uh, would you look at that? I mean, we need to get that looked at.

Me - No, no, Fingerman, it's mine. I did that.

Fingerman - You, wha? Huh? (to medic) What do you think?

Me - Really, it's fine. She's OK. I did that. This one is mine.

Medic - Um, you sure you don't want some cream for that? Anti-inflamatory? Antibiotic?

Me - No, no, it'll heal on its own, really...

Medic - Oh, um... wait a minute, are you Boymeat?

Me - Yep. That's me.

Medic - OH!!! OK, nevermind then. Wow, great work. See, I'm just starting out, see my new paddle? Great class by the way this afternoon.

Fingerman just shakes his head.

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