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Good morning.

It's a beautiful Sunday in NYC.

While I am very sad that dahling has been away from me for almost a week now, off gallivanting in sunny CA, I am finding ways to amuse myself while she is gone.

I had lovely company earlier this week where I got to get my cane on.

And this morning, I read the newspaper and drank my orange juice while a hot little army boi knelt naked at my feet, sucking on my toes. This is after I singletailed and caned him last night, and tried to see how much of my hand I can fit up inside his bum. (Answer: a lot.)

Now, we will get dressed to get a NY bagel and coffee, and then I will start baking Momma's Banana Bread for a soirée tonight.

Life isn't that bad. Nope, not that bad at all.

To think, it'll just get even better when my girl comes home.


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