Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,


thornyc, ever the instigator, just commented on my recent post to make me aware of the following event:

"You may have made your peace with him, but did you know about this, coming up at The Center on Tuesday, May 8?

7PM, Second Tuesdays presents Grant Stoddard, straight sex columnist, author of "Working Stiff: The Misadventures of an Accidental Sexpert"
How did a quiet English virgin become one of NYC's most recognizable sexual adventurers? What can a straight sex columnist teach the our community? Stoddard came to the US in pursuit of true love, but after eighteen months of couch-surfing and heartbreak, he stumbled into a job as New York's most intrepid sex columnist. "Working Stiff" relates his unexpected career and new-found confidence in a city that embraces him for who he really is.

Note well: A donation of $10 is suggested for non-Center members and $6 is suggested for Center members, although all donations are voluntary.

Time for a reunion? Bring all your friends who were there!"

Something tells me this little presentation isn't worth the bump in blood pressure I would receive from attending.

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