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There are just so many ways I could label this post. Perhaps it is a confessional of my guilty conscience. Or, just admitting I am a recalcitrant pervert.

It could also be a reporting of karmic balance forcing its way into our lives.

I reported not too long ago about my frustrations caused by the emergency bells I hear every fucking morning when coming to work.

Lately, I've been trying to catch with my eyes who exactly pushes the doors open first, just so I can curse them under my breath.

This morning, the guilty party was a very attractive young woman - a redhead, which is always a weakness for me. So, I only cursed her a little bit. I was right behind her to the left walking up the stairwell upon exiting the platform, and suddenly she stumbled on the stairs, thankfully catching herself with her hands as she fell.

It was clear she was physically OK. It was also clear she was not having a good start to her day, as her white skirt followed her during her upwards fall, temporarily pretending to be a blouse. And there was I, your reporter, right behind her noticing all that her skirt had revealed.

She had nothing else on. Not a stitch. No underwear what so ever. And everything she wanted to hide was out as clear as day.

Now, I feel guilty for gazing at what was revealed. I have to admit, it was a very pretty sight. My libido does tend to flare up in the mornings, so this was akin to a lovely present. So, I am a dirty perv.

But, perhaps it was karma. Perhaps it was the universe saying, "Do NOT go through the emergency doors, you lazy lazy person! For I will reveal your private parts!!!"

You be the judge.

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