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A debate raged throughout LJ today, and I'm sure in other forums I don't know about.

This particular flare-up is only a small part of something greater that has been occurring for a few years now, and will continue I expect for a few more.

I doubt many opinions were changed. It would seem the sides are polarized and will remain steadfastly locked into their positions.

One thing I find troubling is the some of the statements being made about FTMs. While this is nothing new, I feel like we have somehow gone backwards in time. All of the hateful or ignorant comments made about homosexuality years ago are being used again against FTMs, and this time it is coming from the gay male community.

Many people have brought up comparisons to the Michigan Womens Music Festival. The arguments are practically identical, and feelings are being hurt just as hard.

It's sad really. I hate to see us fighting internally like this - but when there is disenfranchisement, there is debate. Still, it was mostly civil, thankfully. It could have been worse. It has been worse.

Now as I head off to bed, I can't shake one thought out of my mind...

I wonder what Tony DeBlase would have to say about this mess. I willing to bet his opinions would have surprised many.

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