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Classes need bottoms.

So, I'm teaching at a few events coming up, and I'm looking for some hardy victims... er... playmates!

At Southeast Leatherfest, I'll be teaching:

Foot Torture
Surviving Corporal 101

I need one or two people for feet, with at least one person who likes electricity.
I need 3-4 people for Surviving Corporal. A plus if we're friends and/or played together before.

At Leather Retreat, I'll be teaching:

Singletails 101
Flogging 101
Caning on the Edge (301)

I need a heavy cane bottom, and an electricity bottom.



Jun. 4th, 2007 05:51 am (UTC)
Hope I'm not too late. I wasn't planning on being at SELF, but now I might be going. If you still need a demo bottom, let me know.
I'm definitely up for Surviving Corporal, and maybe up for Foot Torture.
Also, let me know if you just want to meet up =)