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Home again.

I returned home last night from what I consider one of the more magical places I get to attend each year. To say I had a good weekend is really a waste of words... it is just so hard not to. When you surround yourself with some of the greatest people on earth... when mutual understanding, love, adoration, friendship, brotherhood, and a shared love for all things erotic and beautiful... to be in a cabin named OINK... to have both your love and your slave with you on your journey...

Yes, magical.

I am probably not going to say anything more than this post about Leather Retreat. I had too many precious moments, too many amazing times. To talk about one would do the others injustice.

Sometimes, experiences need to be treasured closer to one's heart.

That is how Leather Retreat 2007 was for me. Something to be treasured. Close to my heart.

Thank you.

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