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Art and body.

I've been feeling the need for new body art. More ink to go along with my two pieces so far. Often, I fantasize about somehow incorporating the black rose on my left arm into a half or quarter sleeve.

But the trick is finding a way to do that without ruining the beauty and significance of the rose.

Chaos and order. These two terms have been floating in my mind for weeks now, if not years. It was one of the inspirations behind the black rose tattoo... (apologies to those reading this story for the umpteenth time) I adopted that symbol from Corwin, the lead character and narrator from Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber book series. Corwin, and later his son Merlin, struggled to find a balance between the ever-lasting war between these two ideologies, and in the end reluctantly took the side of order... but just barely.

I've often felt my life has been a similar struggle. I find myself in periods of either amazing calmness, or complete disruption and calamity. Very rarely do I find the happy medium, but I do enjoy it when I do. While I am certainly not a believer nor fan of astrology, I admit there is definitely some appropriateness to my own birth sign under the Zodiac pantheon - Libra, the great scale.

I've been doing a little searching online for other symbols depicting chaos and order. Unfortunately, the only symbol that comes up with a direct tie-in is the yin/yang symbol. I can't identify with this one at all. I find it completely overdone, ties to philosophies/religious beliefs I do not follow, and resembles the SM Triskeli symbol (which I can't stand, by the way) for me to ever use it.

On my right arm is my cutting - a memorial piece depicting a fallen angel. My mind has sometimes drifted towards having chaos on one side of my body, and order on the other. Of course, this would do away with my thoughts of a sleeve, certainly. Also, I don't think anything I could come up with would truly integrate with my cutting, nor do I think I would want it to. I think that arm should be left alone... for now.

I have briefly considered my back as a spot, but I have this thing about tattooing my back. I want to be able to see my ink comfortably and easily at all times. On my back? Not so much.

So, my friendly readers... what symbols come up in your mind when you think of the terms chaos and order?

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