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Feeling older than I am.

Ya know... the first two to three times this back flair up happened, I took it in stride. OK, my back went out, just give it time, yeah it sucks, but then I'll be better.

This time I am taking it much worse.

I just feel so helpless. I haven't been at the computer much because it hurts when trying to stand up from the chair. If something is on the floor that I want or need, I have to wait for someone to pick it up for me. Other than the hourly walks around the small apartment, I am basically lying down on the bed, reading, bored out of my mind, helpless to do anything else.

This really fucking sucks. And I can't allow this to happen again.

I am guaranteeing here, in public, that once I am mobile again, I am going to see professionals about this. Either a chiropractor or a back doctor. Someone along those lines who can really look into what is wrong, and maybe prevent this from happening again.

I think I am also very seriously going to consider an exercise routine to strengthen my back. But, I will do that only after I see a pro... I don't want to fuck up anything in sheer ignorance.

Other than, bored bored bored BORED!!!! And as helpless as they come.

Anyone want to come over and provide oral sex so that I can at least smile a bit? That was a joke... er... mostly. I think.

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