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There have been some things that needed to be taken care of before the summer let out... that were up to recently not. Today I have remedied two of them.

1) The return of the exalted air conditioning.

You see, I have not had air conditioning since June. My machine broke down, and it has literally taken that long for my landlord to replace it. It's a funky machine - air conditioner and heater wrapped into one. It's a wall unit, monstrous in size, and the original manufacturer is long out of business. There are very few units that actually fit the space in the wall that it resides in. But... three months have been hell.

Especially given that I have one window facing a brick wall. One. So, I've had two fans on, and I've probably sweated away many times my body weight. It's been fun.

Except now, with the amazing assistance from my savior lolitasir, a new unit is being installed. Just in time for the fall. *groan*

2) Phil sees a doctor.

I will be seeing a doctor for my back on Monday, a week from today. While my back is much better, it can't happen again. I've been procrastinating this one due to an innate fear/hatred of doctors. But reference from ekchats in hand, I am off to see the doc.

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