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They call me mellow yellow...

As I sit here and wait for other people to do work so I can do work, my thoughts drift to the golden sunrays pouring through my window onto my desk. With that inspiration, I decided to do a little tour of the golden variants on, and I couldn't believe what I found.

Look at all these variants of the golden shower! I mean, I thought I knew everything there was to know! Some of these are quite imaginative...

Edit: I found even more!!! They're added to the end.

Please note - all spelling and grammatical errors are theirs, not mine. Nor any gender references - copied as written.

Golden "O" - When a woman cum's so hard from Oral stimulation that she pisses on your face. Using a hurricane tongue and the shocker may bring on this reaction. Also See Spitter.

Golden Alarm Clock - This act can only occur when your lover or friend sleeps with their mouth open. The person performing the loving golden alarm clock then proceeds to urinate in their lover/friend/random pick up's from the night before mouth. Good Morning!

Golden Ambush - When a guy convinces a girl to go down on him and when she pulls it out, he pisses in her face.

Golden Arches - A variation of the golden shower. Specifically, when two men pee on another person from opposite sides, tracing golden arches in the air. Also possible for 2 women to accomplish, with some preparation.

Golden Arms - Golden Arms is when you or someone else (or both) pees on your arms, and you spend the rest of the day hugging as many people as possible. It is important that you DO NOT WASH before the day is over.

Golden Bath - During the act of sex one partner will urinate into the second partners colon. A veritable "piss enema." Lots of names for this one!!!
Also known as: Golden Cupcake, Golden Doughnut (when drinking the pee from the butt, is called a Golden Doughnut   Shake), Golden Enema, Golden Eye, Golden Grajewski, Golden Hall, Golden Hole, Rolden Redeye, Golden Ring, Golden Sheriff's Ring, Golden Well

Golden Bear - The act of peeing on a very large and hairy man.

Golden Beckham - When a man pisses on a soccer ball then kicks it at a womans head.

Golden Bidet - When you piss in a womens mouth and she holds it till you position yourself on all fours and she then squirts the golden yellow urine into your asshole.

Golden Carrot - This takes some effort. First you piss in a toilet then dip your dick in it then finally stick it in a chicks arsehole.

Golden Cocktail - A drink made from ½ Ginger Ale and ½ Urine. Used mostly by teenagers.

Golden Cuddle - The act of urinating in bed while spooning; usually occurring accidentally after a night of hard boozing.

Golden Douche - peeing into a womans vagina

Golden Dragon - It's when the girl is giving you a blowjob, and you thrust her head down all the way down making her think you're about to climax, but instead you magically pee in her mouth and it comes squirting out her nose just like a dragon.

Golden Eye - The result of a sexual act involving the peeing in someone's eye

Golden Fountain - A Golden Enema with a twist. Fucking her doggie, you piss up her ass without telling her. As soon as she figures out what is going on, you pull out and kick her as hard as you can in the ass, forcing her to fall on her face and spray the contents of her ass into the air.

Golden Handshake - The act of urinating on one's own hand then vigorously shaking the hand of another

Golden Homer - This is where a man is engaging in intercourse with a female and accidentally, or on purpose, pisses inside the bitch and afterwards saying "DOH"

Golden Hotspring - When a man urinates in a woman's vagina before having sex with her.

Golden Hurricane - An act of sinful pleasure, where a group of males link their arms, while in a circle, and skip/jump in a circular motion while urinating on a defenseless woman, who may or may not even like the taste/smell of urine.

Golden Pirate - When a man gives the woman a golden shower directed in one eye, causing her to cover the eye and scream "Aarrrgghhh!"

Golden Polish - When a woman pees her panties and a man jerks off with them.

Golden Q-Tip - The act of urinating into your lovers ear hole.

Golden Rum - Slang term for piss on the seat of a toilet.

Golden Salad - Peeing in somebody's butt, then eating it out.

Golden Sandals - When a chick is giving a blow job she starts urinating on your feet.

Golden Satchel - when someone pees on your ball sack

Golden Shandy - Derivative of golden shower with added lemonade

Golden Snowplow - The act of ejaculating on a woman's chest and then lovingly cleaning it off by hosing it down with urine.

Golden Splashing - When an individual urinates into a cup (plastic or otherwise) and another person immerses their penis into said cup and comes into contact with the urine.

Golden Spring - When a guy is eating a girl out and she pisses on his face/in his mouth.

Golden Tea Bag - A sexual act where a man first urinates in his partners mouth and then dips his tesicles in the mouth after urination. Similar to tea bag with a little something extra.

Golden Tornado - When you piss in a chick's mouth and swirl it around with your cock.

Golden Touch - After a man is done urinating, and only a few drops of urine remain on the tip of his penis, he touches another person with his penis thus transferring the urine to the other person.

Golden Tsunami - This is when you position your girl on her knees, then you take a box fan and put in in front of her eye level and proceed to urinate in it. Thereby flooding her face with urine!!

Golden Unicorn - Public urination with a "full erection"

Golden Wonder - Essentially a “Golden Wonder” is (hopefully!) an entirely fictitious sexual practice - involving the practice of urinating into a half empty crisp packet and bursting it loudly over a naked and prostrate girl.

Golden Worm - The male sexual organ after being withdrawn from a mouth filled with urine.

Yellow Avalanche - While fucking a woman ass up face in the pillow, you cum on the small of her back, and then piss it down to her head.

Yellow Belt - When a person urinates upon any part of their sexual partner(s) body, for the first time. Once urination is conducted the person will have his/her yellow belt. A yellow belt may be given by a panel of peers to those who piss on their partner who has no knowledge the act is actually taking place; proof must be provided from the partner, who is being pissed on, typically stemming from when they realize what is actually happening, and then they can confirm the occurrence to the panel of peers.

Yellow Death - The act of peeing in a girls mouth till she drowns. Or peeing in a bucket and dunking her head in it till she drowns.

Yellow Discipline - Pissing all over someone's grill for disciplinary purposes, as well as for sexual pleasure.

Yellow Hazard - A sexual act in which someone urinates in the mouth of another person and then makes out with them.

Yellow Laser Beam - A yellow laser beam is a stream of freshly urinated piss.

Yellow Lucy - Peeing in a plastic bag and then pouring the pee all over your partners face until they drown.

Yellow marshmallow - When a guy pisses in a chicks tampon and it inflates to a disgusting, soft yellow mass, usually happens in the act of banging a chick with her periods and pissing inside her.

Yellow Mellow - Urine that is left to settle in a toilet bowl. Comes from the energy saving saying that goes "if its yellow, let it mellow. if its brown, flush it down." Not to be confused with Mellow Yellow which was a song by Donovan in the 60's composed when he took the drug Mellow Yellow. Also not to be confused with the drink popularized by Coca Cola.

Yellow Snowball - When a woman spits the cum that she so nicely sucked out of a man's balls with the piss that he then deposited in her mouth because she wouldn't swallow the cum.

Yellow Sprinkler - When you pee on an unexpecting person

Yellow Streamer - The event when a man pisses into the ass or vagina of a woman while his penis is lodged up in there.

Piss Balloon - What uncut men can do if they wake up with a piss boner and pinch the end of their foreskin closed when pissing. The foreskin expands and becomes a piss balloon. Best done in the shower, or over someone you either really hate or who finds watersports fun, as releasing the skin causes a real explosion of piss. Also knows as: Piss Bomb

Piss Fight - When two people piss on each other, as an act of foreplay.

Piss Gun - When you take water gun and fill it up with piss instead. Good for shattering the will and innocence of young children.

Piss Hand - To finger someone after they have pissed themselves.

Piss Jerker - Someone that urinates after they masturbate to flush the urethra of all traces of sperm.

Piss Jibbers - A momentary uncontrollable shimmy-jig that occurs during or after an especially satisfying urination, often resulting in undesirable yet hilarious consequences

Piss Lips - Lips that are soaked in piss, either because the person in question drank piss or was pissed on by another person

Piss Mop - Person who enjoys being urinated on in a sexual manner

Piss Mud - Mud created by mixing dirt and piss. Mainly formed by many people peeing outdoors in the same spot.

Pissing on a Hoe's Back - Pissing on a hoe's back is a sexual maneuver in which the penis is removed from the vagina or anus and used to spray urine upon the woman's back in a festive manner. This gesture often precedes more urine-based sexual activity. Most common among those ages 20-28.

Piss Orgasm - a rush of tingling energy up the spine immediately after pissing. Also known as Piss Shiver

Piss Out - A game involving competitors holding in their own piss. If you wet yourself you lose no points but you do lose points if you go to the toilet, but slightly less if you piss when someone is watching. Or a player can gain points by pissing on non competitors.

Piss Wizard - Noun: a person, generally male and of post-pubescent age, who, as if by magic, makes a small quantity of beer into a large quantity of urine, to be dispensed at the urinal infuriatingly frequently.

Piss Wrangler - Someone who tries to catch there piss in a jar.

Walking the Plank - When a man awakes to find a piss hard-on has arrived and he must urinate. As the penis is "angry" beyond all recognition,he must stand 4 or 5ft back, commence,and gradually walk inwards as the flow recedes. He must walk in a very straight line to avoid splashing.

And for those of you who made it this far, my hands down favorite:

Golden Thunder Shower - A special variant upon the traditional "golden shower". For a "golden shower" to be worthy of a thunderous moniker, several conditions must be met. The people "showering" must be obese, and capable of "moshing" e.g. repeatedly ramming one another with their bodies. This "moshing" must also be accompanied by the playing of Timpani drums or other large percussion instruments. Finally, the whole production must take place on top of a large tarp or similar substrate to amplify the sound of falling urine. Additionally, a Golden Thunder Shower may be accentuated by performing the act on a stage, with a person clad in metallic foil directing activities.

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