Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,


The skies over NYC today are a gloomy gray. Much like my mood, strangely enough. Woke up in a funk and I haven't been able to shake out of it.

Not all is bad though, as pages 30-31 of the current issue of Time Out NY (that would be the October 4th issue) features lolitasir and myself as sexperts! Lolita is in the Bondage and Spanking categories, and I star in the Electric play, Feet, and Watersports write-ups. Also in the issue are friends such as Jefferson on page 18 (double penetrations, oh my!), a very good pro-domme friend of mine, Mistress Coraline on pages 24 and 26, and Selina Fire on Anal Play on page 30.

I need to build a stable of fuckbuddies in NYC. Especially those who can be available for same-day excursions. Ah, not bloody likely. I do much better out of state. Oh well.

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