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That f**king time of the month

DISCLAIMER: I mean no offense to all my trans and gender outlaw friends that might be reading this. I in no way want to take anything away from your struggles. Really.

With that out of the way...

I have come to the realization today that I am having my period right now. I'm grouchy, I'm iritable, I'm depressed. Hell, like I said to Kate today, I'm grouchy enough to kick Snow White into a pit of mud, and depressed enough to take a machine gun to the Care Bears.

Of course, that came with the realization (you'll see that word a lot today) that I'd kick Snow White into a pit of mud if I was horny, too. Anyway...

What sucks is I'm having this raging hormonal attack, and I don't even have the damned blood to show for it. Grrr.

Lots of people have mistaken me at times for a FTM. Others have called me a dyke (with apologies to all my dyke friends.) I have come to the realization (there's that word again) of what I really am. I'm a FTM trapped in a male body. That must be it.


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