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Heard on AIM

Because I am in a sharing mood tonight.

melebeth: J-lube comes as a powder???
Me: Yup. That's its original form. Powder, add water, and slip and slide forever.
Melebeth: Huh.
You, like, know stuff.
Me: One or two things. I even have a bottle... but I've been too afraid to use it.
Melebeth:  I don't blame you. You'd want to mix it in a hood.
Me: That, and the clean up. Oh the clean up! I mean, the stuff stays slick forever. Showering? Maybe after 20 washes.
Melebeth: You'd never get it off the walls. You'd have to use a dry brush and prayer.
Me: Or, a spray bottle with salt water. Salt breaks it down instantly. It always makes me think of J-lube as liquidized slugs.
Melebeth: In fact... EWWWWWWWW
Me: I knew that would happen.
Melebeth:  J-lube has just become instant edge play *twitch*
Me: Ha ha! It's nice to know I still have my touch, post-break up.
Melebeth: You couldn't lose it if you tried.

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