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I have grown. I think.

I think I just accomplished one of the great tasks of humanity.

Yes. I just watched Zardoz.

Thanks to the generosity of thornyc (from almost a year ago!) I finally sat down and watched this cult-fave movie. And... WOW.

I mean... WOW.

I loved it.

I'm just afraid I might get shot for saying that.

I want to spread the joys of Zardoz to everyone. I want to start a new religion, and I will call it Zardoz.

I want that head. I want an action figure series from Zardoz, and it must include that head.

I now have the perfect one-two punch for the most surreal movie night ever, and I own both movies. Zardoz, and the porn musical version of Alice in Wonderland.

Enter my apartment... at your own risk.

(For those not in the know, check the IMDB profile linked above. For those IN the know, read the most hysterical movie review I have ever read here.)

((For those who need another reason to watch, if you ever wanted to know where in his ass Quentin Tarantino pulled the name Zed from for Pulp Fiction, it's from this movie.))

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