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That's what a weekend should look like.

It was a good weekend. Yes, indeed.

Friday night, the rare opportunity to attend a LSM meeting. And what a treat to see makeplayhappen teach all the kinky uses of duct tape, along with sweetambiguity. A shame I had to lose some chest hairs in the process. Ah well, what we do for public education...

Saturday got to see the NYC's Leather Hair God, and get my jew-fro un-frowed. I believe he skipped the clippers and went straight for the lawn mower.

Then off to the Center for GMSMA's Leatherfest, which had the guest star of Leather Pride Night's famous flea market. I spent WAY too much money, walking home with 3 police uniform shirts, one gas mask, 5 books (including a gift for kinkmogul), and an amazing photograph. Spent some time hanging out with quem98, whisked her away back home for dinner, and then got dressed for the next event.

Saturday night saw us reuniting with lolitasir to hang with rawbearnyc, densemore, angeltatts, amongst others at the New York boys of Leather monthly bar night. lolitasir and I both applied for associate memberships with NYboL - a great group of boys who fucking rawk. I hope they vote me in - I'm so nervous!

Today was spent at a brunch with a wacky bunch of sex bloggers, flogging a sissy, and spreading the handcuff addiction. Yet another person enticed by clicky metal - I just better not find you bidding against me on eBay!!!!

And then finally, when I got home, a most amazing e-mail waiting for me in my box. Too bad I can't say anything about that..... yet. Watch this space in 2008 for great stuff.

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