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Spray on sex.

Sex bloggers have turned their attention to safe sex. Namely, condom use, and sexiness thereof.

A certain special someone in my life, Rita/kinkmogul, now a newly born sex blogger as well, wrote about the fantasy of barebacking/impregnation play here. It's a great post, and one I can totally understand. I share her fantasy as well. (As an aside, it's interesting to see how the "het" community is also dealing with the barebacking issue, a debate that has raged in the gay male world for years, especially when it comes to porn.)

Further down the safe sex stream, there is now a sex blog wholly devoted to the issue, written by the rope guy and podcaster, Graydancer/graydancer. (I just got to say, how do you find the time to do all that stuff??? By my count, 2/3 blogs, a LJ, podcasts, teaching... wow.) There is a lot of really intelligent stuff in the Hot Safer Sex blog, go read.

And then this morning, while surfing some trashy celebrity gossip sites (I get amazing  free foot porn through those sites... its amazing how obsessed they are at taking photos of hot actresses at the beach and the pool, and unlike real porn, the paparazzi don't care if their feet are in the photo or not.)... anyway... while I was surfing those sites, I found something that somehow escaped my attention all this time. A spray-on condom.

Absolutely wild. It looks like a unique use of liquid latex. I'd be very concerned about coverage - what if the applicator missed a spot? Forget broken condoms... what about condoms with holes? But for the gear head in me, I'd be interested just for the sensation of having a machine spray latex onto my cock. Fascinating! And to see it in action, here is a YouTube video explaining the concept.

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