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Little bits of thought.

I've spent the past two nights with lolitasir and paksen. Wonderful, wonderful evenings.

Last night we went to Lucky Cheng's. I absolutely fell head over heels in lust for our waitress and hostess. I mean, she was beautiful. Her look had this faerie-esque whimsicalness to it. And her feet, yum! (Yes, Lucky Cheng's is all about the drag. Yes, this means I have just admitted that a pair of bio-male feet were hot. Yes, this is uncharacteristic for me. And yes, all I could think about was throwing her down into a chair, whipping off her heels, and devouring her toes up.)

I even stretched my neck out at one point and told her how flabbergasted I was over how gorgeous she was. She smiled and thanked me, placating me like the good little tourist I must have been. Damn. Damn damn damn. I want her. Badly.

I got some great pictures of paksen, and we have even greater lines uttered by the Japanese drunken sailor-mouth geisha girl/performer. Hysterical. Blackmail is ours.

I've been seeing a chiropractor for my back. I've been to three appointments thus far, and will end up seeing him every day this week. It's all I can do not to break out into the Eddie Izzard Dressed to Kill chiropractor bit whenever he is about to "adjust" me. "What, you have a headache? Well, I'm gonna CRACK your bones..."

I am being blessed with out of town visitors. Last weekend was my lovely girl, kathryntact. This weekend, two southerners (who I am not sure if they want to be identified.) It's a good thing.

Yet, with all this company, I also find myself retreating into my cave a lot. Like tonight. While I know I shouldn't, I feel sometimes like I am using my apartment as a security blanket - a reason to avoid things that I don't know how to deal with.

Step by step. Inch by inch. I'm getting there.

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