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It was if I scripted it myself.

This afternoon, coming back from the chiropractor (crack your bones, crack your bones!), I had a magical foot perv moment.

Groups of folks seated on both sides of the train next to me. 3 guys, 1 girl, the girl sitting across from me. She's wearing these half Converse sneaker/half sandals shoes, clearly sans socks. These are the kinds of shoes that drive a foot fetishist crazy - they always look to be ready to be slipped off, but usually never are. You sit and wait for the off-chance, anyway.

So, I sat this afternoon. Read my magazine, trusting my peripheral vision. The girl lifted her feet into the air, showing the boys her shoes. The boys were a little rambunctious, slightly making fun of them. And I just knew what would happen next. Almost as if I was watching in slow-motion, directing the course of actions for the next few moments.

I put my magazine down on my lap, and slowly panned my vision up, just in time to watch one of the boys grasp her foot, and tear the shoe right off of it. And there my bounty was revealed.

I love a good hunt.

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