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I have aspirations of being intelligent.

I've been feeling the need to write a serious post here on the old LJ, but have been very wary of it due to my inability to write anything but inane crap, stories of sex and deviance had and to be had, or whiny emo bullshit on why my life sucks.

The 1st? Annoying. The 2nd? Obnoxious. The 3rd? UGH.

I think I figured out how to pull it off. Quote someone else.

One of the things I have been doing a lot of lately has been reading. Since picking up and finishing the copy of Samuel Delany's Hogg, bought through the recommendation of thornyc, I've been quickly buying and devouring as many of his works as I can.

So far, I've read Hogg, The Mad Man, his graphic novel Bread & Wine, Nova, Dhalgren, and I've now started the Neveryon series with the 1st book, Tales of Neveryon.

His stuff is amazing, full of multiple meanings, social analysis, sexuality, racial studies, everything. Just fascinating reading.

Anyway, the point of this whole post - yesterday, I was struck by an interesting passage that I'd like to share with you, from Tales of Neveryon.

"Childhood is that time in which we never question the fact that every adult act is not only an autonomous occurrence in the universe, but that it is also filled, packed, overflowing with meaning, whether that meaning works for ill or good, whether the ill or good is or is not comprehended.

Adulthood is that time in which we see that all human actions follow forms, whether well or badly, and it is the perseverance of the forms that is, whether for better or worse, their meaning.

Various cultures make the transition at various ages, which transition period lasts for varying lengths of time, one accomplishing it in a week with careful dances, ancient prayers, and isolate and specified rituals; another, letting it take its own course, offering no help for it, and allowing it to run on frequently for years. But at the center of the changeover there is a period - whether it be a moment's vision or a year-long suspicion - where the maturing youth sees all adult behavior as merely formal and totally meaningless."

I'm still trying to figure out which I am. The child, or the adult.

Is it possible to be both, and yet not be in transition?

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