Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Boy, the world sure seems smaller...

Look, I can see China right out my window!!! OK, maybe not literally, but damn, did today make my world shrink.

First, my aunt AND my cousin have joined LJ. I had to give my cousin a disclaimer about what she might read here... my aunt knows all to well. Um... hi guys. Boy is this weird. ;-)

Then... while e-mailing out the TNG Conference announcement (which, by the way, is the big announcement I mentioned in my journal last week, so please, no more asking if we're getting married or if Kate is pregnant... sheeh). Anyway, that sentence got long. As I was online doing my e-mailing thing, I wound up reconnecting with my first slave.

A little side story here... this is a woman I met on AOL when I was 18, and there was/is quite the age differential between us. She became my online slave, but did wind up driving up to Brooklyn from South Carolina to spend a week with me. Long story.

Like I was saying, reconnected with her. And, found out that she is now very close and connected to some very large names in the scene, and some of whom I myself am very close with. That was quite the discovery. Looks like I'll be running into her at Dungeon in Florida later this year. That should be a very interesting reunion, to say the least.

Finally, I get a response from LJ, from someone in Seattle who apparantely knows me from the scene, and knows my aunt. I sent an e-mail to her (I think its a her!), because I don't have a clue who this person is. But, she apparantely knows people from TES, and she knows my nephew Bridgette, and my new LJ friend Vampire. Hey guys, can you fill in any of the missing pieces for me?

Strange day. Strange night. Bed soon.

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