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A V-Day memory.

Seeing as I am mostly dark and bitter this Valentine's Day, a mood that I usually am this day, I entered my way-back machine and dredged up a memory of a most entertaining V-Day. I think I'll share that tale with you all.

It was my sophomore year at Syracuse University. With most of my friends out gallivanting on their fabulous Valentine's dates, I dressed in full black (oh, my poser days) and went down to Zopie's, a local coffee shop that was my home away from home.

I have to pause here and give tribute to the greatness of Zopie's. A buck for a nice mug of freshly brewed coffee, comfy benches and chairs next to large tables with convenient ashtrays placed there for our use, and a clientele full of smart, friendly-ish, and open minded people. The healthy amount of sex I got in college is almost directly result of my second residence at Zopie's. Many an afternoon I would stop in to Zopie's to waste a few hours, only to tromp off to the local cemetery after introductions for an undisturbed outdoor romp with someone new. Zopie's closed practically the weekend after I graduated, thus eliminating the only major reason I had to make a return visit to my alma mater.

So, anyway, off to Zopie's I went. I found an empty table, sat down, opened a book, and pretended to read it. Mostly I spent my time sipping and smoking away while letting my eyes gaze over the relatively sparse crowd that night. A woman sat alone across from me, very attractive, also clad in black except that her t-shirt had a little logo that professed hatred for the dreaded V-Day. Eventually, I walked on over and said hello, complimenting her on her shirt.

We sat and talked for a while, about this and that. Eventually she started a diatribe about a friend who had been pissing her off. Here is the end of that conversation, verbatim (the memory is still so fresh in my mind).

Girl - Man, she pisses me off so much. I wish I had something to whip her with!

Me - (jokingly) Well, you could borrow my floggers if you want.

Girl - You own a flogger?

Me - Several, actually.

Girl - Are you into SM?

Me - Well, yes.

Girl - (jokingly) Wow. Would you let me take you home and fuck you?

Me - (seriously) Sure.
She blinked a few times in response, realized I called her bluff, put out her cigarette, grabbed my hand and exclaimed "Let's go."

We had an amazing night, fucking well into the sunlight. It may have been just a one night stand, but it was a brilliant one. Apparently someone who lived in her room at the Red House (also sadly no longer) had installed restraints into the four corners of the bed. We used them lots and thanked whoever it was silently. Well, perhaps not so silently.

Two years later, a buddy of mine moved into the Red House. And when I walked into his room, the memories came crashing back. This was the same room. The furniture was in the same layout... hell, it was the same furniture.

For some reason, my buddy didn't appreciate my tale of what had occurred on his couch before we had made our way into the bed.

There. A good Valentine's Day memory.


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