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A strange comparison.

My experience being on OK Cupid reminds me a bit of my time spent in the gay baths, especially the West Side Club.

Still with me? Good.

The West Side Club, on West 20th Street,  is one of the two remaining gay bathhouse establishments left in NYC. The other is the equally aptly named East Side Club, seeing as that one is on East 57th Street. Due to its location, right on the limits of Chelsea, the clientèle tends to lean towards the muscle/jock variety - very Chelsea boy.

To say I did not do well there would be a mild statement at best.

Being slightly overweight, frightfully pale, and certainly lacking in the all-important muscle-to-body-fat ratio, I kind of slipped into the shadows there. Man after man would walk on by... very rarely did I get a glance, because I was not the muscle man they were looking for. Ah, c'est la vie.

That's not the point of this comparison, however.

As time went by, I made an interesting observation. The same guys kept walking through the halls. In perfectly executed loops around the club, they would walk clutching their towels and gazing aimlessly over the darkened hallways. They would look at the same guys in the same open rooms, and yet no action would take place. They would just keep walking, searching for someone new to gaze at and then ignore.

OK Cupid has a match making selection. You put in your preferences, and the program gives you a list of your best matches, ranked by their compatability. While a lovely idea in concept, this then results in an identical list of ranked matches, and very rarely changes. Every time you click the button asking it to "Match Me!", you get the same list. Included on my top 10 list are 2 personal friends, and an ex. The rest are people whom I don't know, but who's profiles I have read exhaustively, as they come up every time.

It's just like the West Side Club. You see the same people over and over, and nothing happens.

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