Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Question and answer month - post number two.

I'm asked:

You can go travel anywhere, but its not for a kink event. Where do you go?

It is regretfully true that 99% of my travel around the country is for SM events. While it is wonderful that they allow me to visit so many other parts of the country, they also prevent me from seeing much of the cities I'm in. Generally, I know other cities by the route from the airport to the event hotel, and back. Maybe I become aware of a few block radius because of the restaurants.

It's also very regretfully true that I have never traveled outside the country except for Canada three times. And my Canadian trips certainly don't count - two visits to a strip bar on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, and Toronto when it was hosting International Ms. Leather.

So, I would want to do some international travel. As for where, there are a few places I really want to visit - Amsterdam, Paris, London, Australia (the whole continent, really), Egypt.

If I had to pick one, Amsterdam. It is full of beautiful city sights and culture and has an amazing SM scene that I want to dive head first into. I'd want to visit Rob of Amsterdam, the Argos Bar (which I believe is the 1st ever leather bar, anywhere), and I'd want to spend at least one night at the Black Tulip.

And then there are the filthy, nasty, horrible parties that I would no doubt be drawn into...

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