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Question and answer month - post number three.

I'm asked:

What makes a particular foot or pair of feet attractive to you?

I'm asked this question all the time, and it is so hard to answer. For one, there are no real set rules to my tastes - there are definitely generalities abound, but my tastes do vary here and there.

To paraphrase Potter Stewart, "I know it when I see it."

My particular tastes range away from wider feet, although too narrow isn't to my taste either. I tend to enjoy longer toes, as opposed to short stubby toes preferred by the likes of Elmer Batters (that link has examples of his preferred specimens).  I enjoy a bit of an arch. I like smooth skin on the soles, not-calloused, rounded heels.

I actually enjoy a bit of a scent to those I play with, which I suppose makes me a dirty boy. But that lovely taste and scent of sweat is actually quite the aphrodisiac for me. My partners generally despise this, because it goes against their usual cleanliness rituals. My slave and I joke that her feet will never smell right enough for me - she uses so many bathing products, that even left unshowered for over a day and the thickest socks and sweatiest shoe-wear when taken off still reveals nothing but the scent of flowers in the air. Who would have thought my slave would be too clean for me. Ah, she makes up for it in many other departments.

I much prefer the soles of the foot to the top view. In fact, the top will never turn me on, per se... it will only hint and tease me until I see the bottoms.

Also, my foot fetish is almost exclusively for women's feet. For some reason, men's feet very rarely do it for me. There have been exceptions to this, of course.

Perhaps some visual examples might help.

These photos were found by a random google search - they are not of anyone I know.

Not perfect, but yummy:

Definitely leaning away from my personal style:

Rosario Dawson - YUM. I use a different view of this shot as my computer screen wallpaper.

Now, all that stated, overall sexual attraction to a person does play into this. Despite someone not having feet that would be a little off in my usual realm of preference, if I am into the person overall, I can certainly have fun with what they have.

But if someone has feet I just simply do not like, I really can't go there.

You can ask your questions here. All questions will be screened.

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