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Question and answer month - post number four.

I'm going out of order for this question that was just asked a few minutes ago. I'm tackling it now because it is a quick one.

I'm asked:

Are those your boots in your avatar? Where did you get them? I've been thinking about a new pair...

Those are indeed my feet, and my boots in my default icon.

The boots are Wesco Highliners.

I bought mine from Bootwerks, a division of Leatherwerks. They are a fabulous company located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and they always vend at MAL and IML. I ordered mine custom, which means they actually build the boot to your measurements and preferences. Which also means they fit me like a glove - by far my favorite pair of boots, hands down.

Another boot store that I love is Stompers Boots, located in San Francisco. Whenever I am in town, I try to stop into the store, if only to gaze at all the boot porn. I actually link to their page for the Highliners above. (Wesco doesn't have specific URLs for each of their boot styles, but definitely follow that 1st link and roam through their site. It's a nice one.)

The photo in my icon was taken by Mark Chester, an absolutely fabulous man and another must-visit when I am in San Francisco.

You can ask your questions here. All questions will be screened.

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