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The day after the day after.

I took yesterday off from work to allow myself a day of nothing before re-entering society proper. While I do feel like I had more sleep before coming to work, as compared to last year, reality is still difficult.

I'm in my office, and yet I don't understand why I'm not in Atlanta surrounded by so many wonderful people.

I must have repeated my mantra of "I love Frolicon" at least 100 times, if not more, during the weekend.

A longer post will be coming. Right now my mind is a flutter of imagery. Memories of touches, compassionate hugs, deep kisses, bared feet, leather on flesh, holding hands, rough animalistic sex, new friends, established partners, submission, absinthe, love.

I want to be surrounded by everyone who blessed me this weekend. I want you all in a room, naked. I want more time with you all.

Sometimes, I wish I didn't live in NY. The south is very, very, very, very, very good to me.

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