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Yes, I'm going to bitch. Because I can.

Let's see how much I am going to love tomorrow.

My mother is going in for surgery tomorrow at 9:15 AM (long time readers know this happens all the time, yes she'll be fine, no I'm sorry's please.)

She needs to be there at 7:15 to allow for prep time (read: wait an hour until we call your name, and then maybe we'll start prepping).

That means I need to be at their home in Brooklyn at 6:00 in order to pick her up and drive her to the hospital.

Which means I need to leave my apartment at 5:00 in order to get to Brooklyn.

And right after she goes in, I get to be on a 9:30 AM conference call at work.

And then I get to wait god knows how many hours until she is done.

Yeah, life tomorrow is going to be fantastic.

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