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The bad and the good.

Today was a long day. Let's review.

The Bad

Leaving my apartment last night to go to my parent's place in the dark, waking up and driving my mother to the hospital in the dark, driving home to my apartment in the dark. Lot's of dark.

Sleeping in the twin size bed in my old bedroom. Sometimes I really enjoy revisiting nostalgic moments. This was not one of those times. My former bedroom is now a storage closet/pantry, and the bed in there is still the same twin size bed I slept in for practically my entire childhood. To think I actually brought people back to that room and had sex in that bed. Wow.

12 hours in the hospital.

The doctor's tell me it is a 2 hour long procedure, plus a half hour or so for prep, etc.. My mother is taken in at 10:30 AM (already an hour late). My conference call is pushed off until 1:30 PM. At 1 PM, I should have heard back from the doctor on how the procedure went. By 1:15 PM, I am now officially freaking out. I'm coming up with all kinds of things that might have gone wrong, and I am staring at a real possibility that I will be on the conference call when the doctor tries to reach me. 1:30 rolls around, no doctor. I get on the call, my bit goes first and takes 10 minutes, I hang up the phone. At 1:45, the doctor calls. They didn't start the surgery until 11:30 AM. Of course.

Did I mention 12 hours in the hospital? Yeah.

The Good

The conference call went off without a hitch, and I presented as well as could be expected when doing a call over my cell phone in the waiting room/main lobby of a major Manhattan hospital.

I didn't miss the call from the doctor.

My mother and I have a wonderful and yet so utterly bizarre conversation about pain processing and the differences between SM pain and the pain she is experiencing from having been operated on. We discuss how people like different kinds of pain, and how they take many different things out of pain. We talk about the differences between pain from someone you have a connection with, and those who you don't. We talk about the kinds of pain I enjoy, and why, and the kinds of pain I enjoy to give. She really likes my explanations. Like, a lot.

My mother and I connected on SM. Yeah.

Wonderful texts from my girl kathryntact throughout the day making me smile and keeping me sane. Same with an afternoon chat with lolitasir, and my bio-sister telling me about my newest nephew born 5 days ago.

But the best of all, hands down - the surgery went very well, no complications, and my mother is resting safely and comfortably in her hospital room.

And now I officially fall and go boom.


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