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Let me explain... no, let me sum up.

It is Thursday, and life is progressing along with many thoughts and amusements along the way.

- Tonight I'm getting treated to luxury box seats at Yankee Stadium for the Yanks vs. Red Sox game. This will be my first visit this season to the great House That Ruth Built. I hope to be at many more in this last season in that great stadium.

- On Saturday I'm driving up to Boston to spend time with folks I have not seen in way too long. Sadly, The Playmate will not be there, as he is silly and will be flying from another city to yet another city, none of which are Boston. Silly man.

- Hopefully, I will be hitting people in Boston. I will also hopefully be figuring out where the hell I am sleeping Saturday night.

- I'm wondering why my self-esteem as been low as of late. Need to work on that.

- Been having fun reading comics online. high4tower ages ago gave me his collection of Transmetropolitan, an amazing comic series by Warren Ellis. The bastard that he is though, the collection was missing the last 15 or so issues, thus keeping me in suspense for ages. Last night I fixed that, and oh. my. god. what an ending.

- kathryntact and I have been trading links back and forth to websites that are slowly draining all of the brain matter out of our skulls. But we are doing this the right way, couple-wise, as we are ensuring that our stupidity grows on pace with the other. Like she has taught many, Remember kids - it's not masochism, it's stupidity (tm).

Edit: Almost forgot (!!!). Sandal season has sprung in NYC again, much to my rejoicing. On this morning's train I saw a specimen so lovely that I literally almost missed my station because I was too busy falling in love with this woman from the ankles down.

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