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My computer, how I hate thee.

I know a lot of people bitch about Microsoft, and how all their products are utter crap and the like. I see how one could hate the company, the whole trying to own the world through shoddy software and the like.

But honestly, I never really had a problem with them or the software. Windows 2000, 95, XP... they all worked well on my machines, and I actually appreciate each upgrade.

Of course I was due to learn otherwise.

Last night my Windows went kaput. After trying to disconnect my external hard drive, all shit broke loose and I wound up having to do a hard reboot. I was then sent into a nightmarish episode that made me feel like I was in the Twilight Zone. My computer would reboot, tell me it didn't start properly the last time and ask me how I wanted to proceed (Safe, Previous Settings, Boot Normally)... but it didn't matter what option I selected. All paths led to a big circle, bringing me right back to that screen and asking me to choose again, knowing full well it wouldn't give me what I wanted and instead sought to taunt me and punish me until I clawed my eyes out.

I went through a half hour of that. Then I asked for help via the ever helpful 1-800-Help-Me-Oh-Tech-Person-On-Other-Side-Of-World line. Windows - corrupt. Solution - start over.

Had to do a full new installation of Windows. Spent hours trying to get all my correct drivers back into place, still have a few more to go.

Here's the kicker. There I am bemoaning the fact that all my programs are gone (thankfully I transfered the entire "My Documents" folder to my new external hard drive before this happened, or I would be dead right now after committing suicide). In fact, when the help guy on the phone asked me what else he could do for me, I asked him to shoot me. So, the computer comes back alive like Frankenstein's Monster (and just as ugly), and I notice that the contents of my hard drive are still there, in a new hard drive partition. I think, oh wow, I'm saved!!! But NO! Since those programs have not been installed into the registry of my "new computer", that partition is really a wasteland of programs that look like programs but are really magical cadavers with the power of Taunting Boymeat +10.

So now I get to reinstall everything I had on the computer. This sucks.

Anyone good at upgrading computers? I'm thinking I need some new hardware - a new motherboard, processor, and video card I think would be a good start.


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