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Computer geeks of LJ, lend me your ear and brain.

After two nights of work, I have my computer almost working the way I want. I still need to find the disks to some of my programs, but other than that things are progressing along fairly nicely.

Where I need help right now is dealing with this partitioned hard drive of mine. Like I said in my last post, after the crash and new installation of Windows, the contents of my hard drive before the crash were placed in a newly partitioned piece of my hard drive. I've been busy scouring it for salvagable data and programs, and then started deleting everything that didn't have an install file included. I have deleted 99% of the stuff in there, but there are some hold outs. A few empty folders that for some reason won't allow me to delete them (read-only access, can't figure out how to fix that), and a few .dll files that also refuse to be deleted (some from Flash, some from Adobe).

I want to get rid of everything in there, and the partition itself. It's an eyesore that I'd rather go away.

Anyone know how to accomplish such things? I'm on Windows XP, in case you didn't guess.

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