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Portrait of a Pathetic Man.

On Sunday night, I threw out my back. Again. This time I wasn't even doing anything. I was sitting at my desk, puttering on the computer, and then whammo, here it comes. Thankfully I had the presence of mind to retrieve and slap on my TENS unit before any of the "oh my god kill me now" back spasms came to play.

So, if any of you are wondering why I haven't returned your calls, or your e-mails this week, this is why.

Now to humiliate myself even more, allow me to paint a picture for you from last night. On orders from the chiropractor, I have been in a back regiment for the past two nights - 25 minutes of lying down on an ice pack with my legs up at a 90 degree angle, 40 minutes TENS unit. Ice, TENS, ice, TENS. That has been my life.

Also, I recently ordered a Xbox 360 so I could play the new Grand Theft Auto IV (inner child, hi!!!). It came last night, and I was able to set it up without any bending, which was nice.

Then I was off to ice.

So there I was, lying on my floor, ice back under my lower back, legs and feet up on my coffee table, playing Uno on the Xbox from the floor.

Yeah, I'm so sexy. *head+desk=me*

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