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In the mood for a protest?

Many of my fellow NY'ers may already be aware of the 3 PM protests that will be occurring today in Manhattan. Rev. Al Sharpton and company have arranged for "pray-ins" at 6 different locations throughout the city (and in Atlanta and Chicago as well). The concept here is to foul up traffic at key NYC choke points during the rush hour to protest the not guilty verdicts in the infamous Sean Bell trial.

Excitingly, one of the those locations is directly in front of my office building. Just going downstairs during lunch revealed a heavy police presence already, including an ominous Paddy Wagon, and two television networks. I'm sure there will be more shortly.

Some people might feel grumpy over being inconvenienced by the protest. Me? I'm excited. I'm going to go downstairs to check it out with my own eyes. I want to see the commotion, see if Rev. Al makes an appearance, and feel the energy in the air.

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