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Shave and a haircut.

Here is an interesting social excersise.

Tell two people that you are getting highlights in your hair. Both men, one straight, one gay.

The straight man says - "Phil, you're such a fag."

The gay man says - "Highlights before IML? You're so straight."

Us bisexuals can never win. ;-)

So yes, today was the day for my annual IML haircut. Usually I get the traditional buzzed sides and back and short top, but this time we wanted to mix it up. The Hair God for the Leatherfolk (tm) suggested getting highlights. My hair now has a lovely bouquet of red and blond mixed in with my usual different shades of brown. It's really neat.

I will post a photo when I get one taken.

I also lost another cap today. My hairstylist likes my hats. This is the 3rd hat he has stolen from me. First it was a Mack truck cap, then a Yankee cap, and today he stole my Peterbilt cap.

But that's ok. I took his three-quarter leather jacket with authentic cow fur. I always wanted a leather jacket with cow fur ever since seeing lolitasir's old cow skinned motorcycle jackets years and years ago. I now own one, but I still need to work on getting it in a motorcycle jacket version. All in due time.

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