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TES Fest Program Announced!!!

As some of you may know, I had the masochistic moment of agreeing to be Program Director once again for TES Fest 2008. This year will have a significantly smaller program than in 2006, to the tune of 120 classes shrunken down to 62. Some might think that this would make programming easier, but it's quite the opposite - it is much harder. You have to make tougher choices on what to include and what not to include, and you sadly cannot accommodate everyone who wants to teach, even though you want to.

That being said, I'm very proud of the line up me and my team (redhead_sue and lolitasir) have put together. I truly believe it is a stellar class list, with a healthy mix of big national names, national up-and-comers, and amazing local talent. We have worked very hard on putting this together, and I do hope I will see many of you over July 4th weekend enjoying our program.

The disclaimer - many of these are working titles, and will be spruced up in the coming weeks, along with having class descriptions posted on our website -

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, click on the cut and enjoy.

Bondage Track
1. Defining Moments - GrayDancer
2. Military Style Bondage - GrayDancer
3. Fetish Performance Techniques - GrayDancer
4. Laughter in Rope - Lochai
5. Speed Bondage - Lochai
6. Bondage from the Wilderness - Rae Goldman
7. Popping That Suspension Cherry – Lolita Wolf
8. Predicament Bondage - Julia
9. Bondage Bottoming – Sue
10. House of Bondage – Julia and slave 705
11. Metal Bondage – slave 705
12. Mummification – Michael Horowitz
13. Water Bondage - Lolita with Felice Shays and Sharrin Spector 
Impact Track
1. Intro to Singletails - Boomer
2. Singletails 201 - Boomer
3. Long Whips - Boomer
4. Rough Play - tomo
5. Pressure Points - tomo
6. Caning – Sharrin Spector
7. Spanking – Lady Sabrina
8. Flogging 101; If Boymeat can Flog, so can You! - Boymeat 
D/s and Relationships Track
1. Assignments for Submissives - Rita Seagrave
2. Arts and Crafts of Rituals - Master Larry and slave barb
3. Flexibility and Sustainability (of M/s relationships) - Master Larry and slave barb
4. 101 Ways to Destroy your M/s relationship - Master Larry and slave barb
5. Conflict Resolution Within a M/s or D/s Framework - tomo
6. Letters to a dominant woman - Morgan Lewis HMQ
7. Core Protocol Construction – Flagg, Ken and David
8. Everything but the Kitchen Sink, Service on the Road – Glenda Rider
9. Does it Come with an Owner’s Manual – How to Drive a boy/girl in Service – Levi Halberstram
10. A is for Alpha - Bootpig
11. Evolution of Service - Bootpig 
Edge Play Track
1. You Take My Breath Away - Glenda Rider
2. Humiliation - Sarah Sloane
3. Needle Play - Sarah Sloane
4. Rape Play - Tatsumi
5. Cuckolding - Danielle DV8
6. Sissification and Transgenderation - Danielle DV8
7. Cutting - Sharrin Spector
8. Full Body Play - Boot Pig and Whipmaster Bob
9. Life, Death & Edge – Flagg
10. Face Play- Where Vice Meets Vanity – Bootpig 
Sex! Track
1. Fisting for Perverts (Fisting 601) – Felice Shays
2. Cunnilingus from a Dyke’s Mouth – Felice Shays
3. CBT – Julia
4. Enemas - Sarah Sloane 
Art, History & Culture Track
1. Erotic Photography for Non-Photographers - Nayland Blake
2. Sensationalized Sex - Susan Wright
3. Spirituality & SM - Brother Leo
4. Cigar Play - Nayland Blake
1. Pony Play - Lochai
2. Waxing/Hair Removal - Janice
3. Erotic Roleplay - Rita Seagrave
4. Playing with Strangers - Rita Seagrave
5. Pain Surfing - Rae Goldman
6. The Terrified Top - Rae Goldman
7. Hankies on the Right – Pick Up Play for Bottoms – Levi Halberstram
8. Kidz Rule! Age Play for Consenting Adults – Lolita Wolf
9. Seduction - Mistress Ardenne
10. Electricity - Shockingly Affordable! - Boymeat
11. Bootblacking - Q,  Int'l Ms Bootblack 2008
12. Erotic Wrestling - Technique and Form by Vetiver Lane assisted by the Grapple Den and the Doom Maidens

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