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IML Quickies, Part Deux.

Apparently, I have not yet recovered enough from IML do write a full intelligent post. Bullet points are my friend.

  • lolitasir and I were interviewed on Channel 2 News (WCBS for you non-New Yorkers) on Wednesday night as we were checking in for our flight to Chicago. They were at LaGuardia to cover American Airline's recent announcement to charge for checked luggage. It aired on Wednesday night, and I think on Thursday morning.
  • No I am not linking to the video.
  • My mom called me on Thursday. She was thrilled to see me on TV. There goes 5 out of my total 15 seconds of fame.
  • I spent a lot of money at the IML vendor mart. A LOT.
  • Boots, art, shirts, a pair of custom pants, and a super sekrit surprise for kinkmogul was amongst the haul.
  • So was an awesome motorcycle jacket bought from the Leather Archives silent auction. It has a cool looking white skull on the back that is somewhat reminiscent of the Hell's Angels. I feel bad ass wearing it.
  • Which means I'm a dork. 
  • Whatever.
  • :-P
  • We also got awesome stuff for Leather Pride Night.
  • I've suddenly realized that I am currently maintaining multiple, wonderful, growing relationships. It's really nice.

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