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We need YOU at Leather Pride Night!!!

Leather Pride Night, only the best night to be out in NYC all year long, is THIS Saturday!!!

This is an all-volunteer effort, and we rely on everyone in our community to make it happen. Together, we raise over $15,000 for charity every year. And we are short on volunteers!

It's so easy to volunteer - just an hour of your time, and you get the satisfaction of working on such an amazing event, along with a special volunteers pin to commemorate your efforts.

And the positions! Built for all-needs!

Want to help with your work-outs? Got some muscle? Then sign up for storage unloading/loading, and tear-down.

Social butterfly? Inner slut just aching to break out? Sign up for raffle sales and rub that head all over sexy people's crotches!

Wanna make friends? Do ticket sales, box office, or key chain sales!

Wanna stay in one spot and be helpful? Do will call, or security, or raffle table volunteering!

We got a job for everyone!!!

Please look through the below positions and sign up. You can e-mail Lolita at LolitaSSC[at] to sign up!

Unload Storage with Sigrid, Tip et al, Noon-1:30pm 
4 people

Load  in Splash with Sigrid, Tip et al, 1-2:30pm 
2 people

Location Set-up  with Susan, 1- 3pm 
3 people

Will Call Assistant - help Lady D with items from auction after bid
7-8 1 person
8-9 2 people
9-10 1  person

Ticket takers with Mark & Catelynn
8-9 1 person
9-10 1  person

Box Office with Mark & Catelynn
9-10 2  people

Keychain Sellers – work the crowd but report to Mark & Catelynn
7-8pm 1 person
8-9pm 2 people

Food Assistance with Sabrina  
6-8pm 1 person 

Raffle Table Staff with Sal
6-7 2 people
7--8 1  person
8-9 2 people
9-10 one person 

Raffle Ticket Sales with Sal
6-7:30 6 people
7:30-8:30 4 people
8:30-9:30 2  people

Security with Jake 
8-9pm 2 people

Location Breakdown,  with Nayland
9:30pm-10pm 2 people

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