Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

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Don't touch me, I'm cursed.

I left my apartment 7:35 and walked one block to my car.

It's 11:40 and I just got home.

Mind you, as you could read from lolitasir's post in this very journal, I haven't actually gone anywhere in that time.

It looks like either the starter broke, or I have a short somewhere. I'll know more tomorrow, once I call the mechanic where they towed my car.

I wanted to tell you all these funny stories about my 3 hours one block away, like how I discovered that Dominoes will in fact deliver to your car.

But I can't because I got home and attempted to turn on my air conditioner.

Which just broke.

I'm gonna go kill myself now, thanks.

Edit: Aaaaannnnd I just found a dead mouse underneath my air conditioner.

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